Please be aware that the only legitimate domain for Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd (GASCO) is and all vacancies are published on GASCO careers website. There are many similar fraudulent domains which exist to trap job seekers into bogus job offers. You may receive an email or telephone call offering you a job; it may include a request for payment or a processing fee. Please note that GASCO neither ask prospective employees to pay a fee nor authorize recruiters or agents to collect fee on its behalf. If you are doubtful about any email, phone call etc., please do not respond by revealing personal information or send any funds to them as GASCO shall not accept any responsibility towards the representation made in any fraudulent communication or its consequences.

Our People

GASCO employs over 4,000 people from around 60 different nationalities who bring new ideas and ways of thinking that help us in our continuous strive to business success.

Leaders in their fields, our people understand they have a role to play and are expected to perform to high standards. They are also empowered to push boundaries, seek opportunities, innovate and create a working environment that is professional and positive for all.

Our team members recognize that what GASCO offers them is not simply a job – it is a career; a great opportunity to work among the best, receive the support needed to make good decisions and deliver results, and get all they can out of their working life by tackling real world problems.

Above all, our people appreciate the fact that they are considered more than mere employees. They are part of a great big family that values teamwork, professionalism, innovation and open communications and that is cared for by GASCO through a variety of social, medical and recreational benefits offered.

The following benefits are provided in accordance with the type of employment, which can be either Direct Hire (salary + benefits) or Contract Hire (lump sum salary).


Eligible employees are provided with accommodation in accordance with their respective grades and size of their families.

Furniture allowance

In order to maintain and provide a high standard of living for employees, a furniture purchase allowance is granted to eligible staff in accordance to grade and marital status.


Employees are provided with Company sponsored healthcare insurance.

Cultural and recreational activities

GASCO is committed in providing employees with various recreational facilities to help them maintain a high quality of life. Besides constantly hosting social and sports activities in Abu Dhabi and remote Sites, GASCO also offers certain employees a subsidy in health club memberships.

Car purchase loan

Eligible employees are entitled to receive a Company loan to help them buy a car of their choice. This interest free loan is decided in accordance to respective grades and is repayable in easy installments deducted monthly from the employee’s salary.

Other benefits

Employees receive, also in accordance to type of employment, job grades and work locations, a number of other allowances such as: remote area allowance, transportation allowance, annual leave allowance, social allowance, child allowance and water and electricity allowance.