In 2002, after the merger with ATHEER, a Pipelines Division was created within GASCO to manage, operate and maintain the network of pipelines, ensuring the transportation of products.

The total length of pipelines operated by Pipelines Division is approximately 2,500 kilometers. The infrastructure which spreads throughout the Abu Dhabi Emirate, is arranged around three gas distribution manifolds (Maqta, Habshan and Bab) from where the pipelines branch off to locations like Ruwais, Asab, Buhasa, Mirfa, Maqta, Taweelah and Al Ain.

The GASCO pipeline network is used to route natural gas to several clients, such as Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Company (ADWEC), Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD), Emirates Aluminium Company (EMAL), Emirates Steel Industries (ESI), MASDAR and many more.