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Sustainability – caring for people, the planet and our shareholders

GASCO Sustainability Report 2012
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We have placed sustainability at the top of our leadership agenda. To us sustainability intermingles with all our strategic objectives and brings both challenges and opportunities to the table. Challenges such as climate change and access to energy are now a reality and will grow in importance in the short term. Opportunities come from the increasing interest in gas a cleaner and economically sensible energy alternative.

For us sustainable business practices go hand in hand with efficient business practices. Operational and energy efficiency leads to cost savings and is therefore inseparable from good management practice.

However, for us, sustainability goes beyond cost considerations. It is as much about how we minimize our environmental footprint and provide cleaner energy solutions, as it is about ensuring a positive and inspiring work culture and supporting initiatives in our communities. To us sustainability is part and parcel of how we engage with our stakeholders and, importantly, how we measure and improve our performance and increase our shareholder value.

Our Corporate Identity, as described in the About GASCO section captures the centrality of sustainability for us. This directs our everyday work and frames our targets and action plans for the future.