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​Employee Health and Safety – always putting safety first

Gas processing is complex – and a potentially hazardous operation. It requires highly skilled people with specialist technical expertise. These, in addition to solid management, fast decision-making and robust communication skills are critical for the safe, efficient and effective operation of our plants. To achieve this, we provide support programs and services to help our employees, contractors and their families live healthier and safer lives at work and at home. We emphasize on monitoring the exposure of our employees to workplace health risks and address them with a series of health programs, such as:

  • Heat Stress Awareness​
  • Take Care of Your Hearing
  • Take Care of Your Posture
  • Occupational Health Hazard Awareness– Carcinogens (Welding Fumes)
  • Take Care of Your Health
  • First Aid for Employees and Families
  • Medical Emergency Management including a new Medical Emergency Information Card
  • Health Surveillance and Exposure Monitoring
  • GASCO Food Safety Audit
  • Occupational Health Audit

Maintaining high standards of health and safety depends on a vigilant process of risk identification and continuous training and awareness. We regularly organize a range of industry events and internal training programs to promote specific health and safety matters.

OSHAS 18001
This British standard for occupational health and safety management ensures we have a sound occupational health and safety system in place and continuously monitor its performance.

Risk Management
All our project proposals undergo a thorough Health, Safety and Environmental Impacts Assessment (HSEIA) process during the planning phase. The HSEIA identifies potential risks and then mitigates or eliminates them through carefully considered modifications to the design or process.

Our Operational Excellence Division is the focal point for the company’s process safety, which is governed and ensured by our process safety standards and application manuals.