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Environment Protection – acting as trustees for future generations

Managing resources responsibly and taking care of the environment is deeply rooted in our organizational culture. As such, our employees engage by participating in our annual Energy Awards, or by suggesting energy improvement projects through our ideation system.

The protection of the environment underlies the planning and management of all GASCO’s operation. GASCO implements and monitors its environmental performance through a corporate Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (HSEMS). Moreover we are ISO 50001:2011 (Energy Management) and ISO 14001:2004 (Environment Management) certified.

Our strategic environmental objectives are to:

  • Protect the environment - Operate in a manner that minimizes environmental impact by developing a roadmap for reducing flaring and emissions to optimum levels without compromising safety and overall effectiveness of plant operation.

  • Reduce environmental footprint - Operate and progress on the adoption of a green strategy of reducing, reusing and recycling both natural and other resources aiming towards zero discharge and waste minimization.

  • Conserve energy - Focus on energy conservation in the current operation and ensure selection of energy efficient processes and equipment in future capital investments.

In striving towards these objectives, each year we establish a range of programs and targets for improving our performance. Some of these include:

Flaring Reduction - Reducing gas flaring and minimizing CO2 emissions are two of our main environmental key performance indicators.

Air Quality - In keeping with international industry standards, we have included air quality as a consideration in our Design General Specifications (DGS). This means that all design and procurement decisions will include an evaluation of options against criteria prescribed in this DGS.

Delivering Cleaner Energy - GASCO is transforming the use of energy in the UAE. For instance, our ongoing program of pipeline installations in new residential and industrial areas in Abu Dhabi is delivering a cleaner fuel alternative for households and industry.

Cleaner and Safer Transport of Granulated Sulphur - GASCO is one of the driving forces behind the UAE’s national railway project, Etihad Rail. This project represents a significant efficiency shift in the UAE’s system of bulk materials transportation. The environmental, safety and economic benefits of transporting bulk granulated sulphur by rail rather than liquid sulphur by road justify this logical progression in our operation.

Waste Management - Improved waste reporting and accounting systems have provided a better understanding of our waste streams and quantities. In turn, this information led to development of waste recycling guideline to ensure compliance with ADNOC Code Of Practices and local regulations. This guideline is now incorporated in the contract for selection of vendors for reuse/ reprocessing of used oils, empty drums and lead acid batteries.

Green Buildings - Energy and water are valuable resources in the desert climate of the UAE, so having efficient buildings is another way that we contribute to protecting the environment and reduce our operational costs. Our Buhasa administration building is LEED Gold certified, while our Habshan 5 non process buildings (these include a management building, a restaurant, a technical center, a mosque, a laboratory, a maintenance workshop, a fire station and a contractor building) are LEED Silver certified.