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Sustainability Reporting

GASCO has been reporting on its sustainability efforts since 2009 on an annual basis. The purpose of our reporting is to demonstrate a balanced and reasonable representation of our performance as an organization in general and from a sustainability perspective in particular. The target audiences for our reports are our key stakeholders – our shareholders, customers, employees (both current and future recruits), business partners and the communities we operate in.

With our fifth annual sustainability report (for the year 2013) we have decided to move to online reporting. There were a number of compelling reasons to do so, two of the most important ones being our desire to preserve the environment as well as to shift towards a more dynamic way of communicating to and engaging with our stakeholders. Please click here to visit our sustainability platform.

Our previous four reports from 2009 to 2012 have been published as conventional paper-based reports on an annual basis and can be downloaded here: ​​