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​​​​​​​The GASCO Technical Training Center (GTTC) is dedicated to giving new graduates ​the​​ hands-on technical skills they need to perform in their new career.



  • Ensure all employees perform routine duties safely in a competent manner
  • Integration of UAE Nationals into an established, progressive career path
  • Use of competency-based programs to evaluate and build employee skills

GTTC Objectives

  • Provide competency-based training and on-the-job training to employees in important technical positions
  • Provide additional learning opportunities in English language and technical terminology
  • Meet and exceed ADNOC competency standards


  • Workshops for hands on applications and coaching in Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical and Operations
  • Instruction on genuine equipment in a safe environment
  • Theoretical knowledge and applications given by professionals in their career

Participant Information

  • Trainees from the ADNOC Technical Institute (ATI)
  • Trainees from technician programs from Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT)
  • Trainees from various Institute of Applied Technology (IAT) campuses across the United Arab Emirates
  • Trainees from Group National Recruitment Department (secondary school graduates)