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We recognize that our employees are fundamental to GASCO’s success and believe in the enhancement of our talent pool by p-​roviding opportunities to our employees to engage in professional development. As GASCO grows and develops, and new advances in technology are integrated, employees at all levels are presented with professional and technical training opportunities.

Our Learning & Development and Competency Assurance (CAMS) efforts are of special importance right now and will become increasingly so with changing company needs. We are placing more focus on competency management in general and our CAMS program in particular (see also “Training & Development” in the Emiratization category).

Our continuous growth will result in a larger number of employees being expected to move up into leadership positions. In 2010 we initiated the enhancement of our existing Leadership Development Framework, which we started to implement during 2011 to address the continuing development needs of those in leadership positions at present, and also help us identify and nurture high potential employees.

Going forward we will integrate our approach to Succession Planning and Performance Management with Leadership Development to bring them all under one holistic umbrella.
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