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Gas Sub Committee

  • The Gas Sub-Committee, part of the ADNOC Oil and Gas Committee, was established in 2006 and is a body that manages the research initiatives that represent the interests of ADNOC and the GAS OPCOs including: GASCO, Al HOSN GAS and ADGAS. This body is involved in cutting edge research aimed at tackling the obstacles and challenges faced by the OPCOs.

Gas Research Center

  • The establishment of a Gas processing and material science Research Centre (the “GRC”) was officially launched at the Petroleum Institute in December 2010. The centre is the outcome of an R&D agreement entered into by GASCO, ADNOC, Shell Abu Dhabi B.V., Total S.A. and Partex Gas Corporation. The GRC is owned by, and forms part of, the Petroleum Institute. Funding for the development of the GRC is partly done through cash contributions of US$100 million by the three International Shareholders (“ISH”) Shell, Total and Partex over the term of the GASCO concession.