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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Vision and Mission

The pressing challenges faced by oil and gas corporations today always steers the direction of research and development efforts. GASCO recognizes the importance of this and has contributed much to this field to overcome the challenges it faces with innovative scientific solutions. Our primary role is to supervise R&D projects under the ADNOC R&D Gas-Sub-Committee (GSC) and the Gas Research Center (GRC) and advice the GSC and GRC Managem​​​ent Teams on R&D priorities, developing a basis for decision making.

Our Team :

  • Supports and monitors the set-up of R&D projects in terms of content, budget, timeline and external cooperation partners.
  • Ensures R&D content is applicable to GASCO and/or the ADNOC Group.
  • Receives, approves and distributes R&D project related documentation.
  • Initiates and coordinates updates of project progress and project reports.
  • Makes recommendations about project content, priorities and progress to the R&D Management Teams of GSC and GRC.
  • Determines and validates any variations from project plans and initiate timely preventative, remedial or reporting actions to correct such variations.
  • Raise awareness about R&D activities across the ADNOC group of companies through workshops, events and the GSC & GRC websites.