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Plants - an industrial complex composed of five gas processing plants and one fractionation plant

Habshan and Bab Gas Complex
Produces Network Gas that is delivered directly to end-users. It also produces Natural Gas Liquids (NGL), Condensate and Liquid Sulphur. NGL is transferred to our Ruwais Plant for fractionation, while Condensate is piped to TAKREER refineries for processing. Liquid Sulphur, a production by-product, is granulated and exported.

Habshan 5
Receives offshore gas from ADMA (via ADGAS) and onshore gas fro​m ADCO & GASCO Habshan Plant. Habshan 5 produces Sales Gas, Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) and Liquid Sulphur. Sales Gas is sent to the gas network, NGL is sent to Ruwais for fractionation, and Liquid Sulphur is granulated at Habshan and transported to Ruwais by rail.

Asab 1 and 2 Plant
Asab 1 processes condensate-rich gas. Condensate is extracted from the feed-gas and transferred to the TAKREER Ruwais refinery. The remaining gas is transferred to Asab 2 where Sulphur (H2S) is removed and NGL is extracted for delivery to our Ruwais Plant. The residual gas is re-injected into the reservoir for pressure maintenance purposes.

Asab 0 NGL Extraction Plant
Asab 0 receives associated gas from the neighboring oil field operated by ADCO. NGL is extracted and Network Gas sent into the pipeline network for distribution to other facilities and customers. NGL is also transported to Ruwais along with NGL from other sites for fractionation to produce Ethane, Propane, Butane and Paraffinic Naphtha.

Buhasa NGL Extraction Plant
Receives associated gas from ADCO. It extracts NGL and sends Network Gas to the ADCO gas injection compression facilities and the balance into the pipeline network for distribution. NGL is also transported to Ruwais along for fractionation to produce Ethane, Propane, Butane and Paraffinic Naphtha.

Ruwais NGL Fractionation
The NGL is fractionated into four products (Ethane, Propane, Butane and Paraffinic Naphtha). Ethane is exported to the neighboring BOROUGE plant for the production of Ethylene and Polyethylene. The other three products are transferred via our Ruwais jetty to gas carriers and Paraffinic Naphtha tankers for shipping to markets worldwide.